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Pario is the UK’s leading, independent SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) management company developing and delivering solutions to the UK’s leading asset management companies. Our approach is simple; to deliver intelligent, innovative solutions that embrace collaboration, offer honest, impartial advice and place the clients’ needs first. We believe our clients are our partners and prefer a long-term approach.

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Testimonial from Stewart Orrell, Head of Asset Management

“We work closely with Pario across a wide range of our key social infrastructure projects. They are committed to our assets’ effective performance, focus on continuous improvement, and are trusted as key problem solvers. The hands-on involvement of Pario’s senior management to resolve issues on the projects helps to differentiate them from their competitors”

Stewart Orrell, Head of Asset Management

Testimonial from Grosvenor House Group

“Our work on nationwide building projects is vast, varied and at times, challenging. Pario’s intervention management of an existing job recently, saw the issues resolved, teams working cohesively together and reporting structures set and managed. What was a difficult project was concluded and delivered to the client on schedule thanks to the involvement of Pario’s management teams.”

Grosvenor House Group

Testimonial from Kalpesh Savjani, Investment Director

“Pario’s SPV management expertise on our PFI projects is invaluable in maintaining and improving shareholder returns. They provide a high level of financial and management control on our projects. Their services are proactive and accurate, and they are adept at finding innovative solutions to the complex problems that can arise. We are very happy with their services, which are delivered in a collaborative, professional and client friendly fashion”

Kalpesh Savjani, Investment Director

Testimonial from Neeti Anand, Director

“Pario made a significant contribution in managing our SPVs during the construction period, which included contractor insolvency & replacement, defect remediation and importantly, re building relationships with existing contractors. They have proved their value both in terms of the technical and financial skills they brought but also the management and administration time they saved us. They were pro-active in bringing all the parties together and thereby achieving the construction milestones. Their collaborative approach and experience in the local Irish market has continued to be a benefit to the project during the operational period.”

Neeti Anand, Director

“Pario is proactive and provides us with valuable insights that help us with good decision-making. Pario frequently deploys its capability to provide exceptional technical and financial solutions in our complex environments.”

Nicola Covington, Investment Director

Learn more about our work in renewables

Pario Renewables (PRL), part of the Pario group of companies and established in 2009, is an independent SPV management company offering tailored management service solutions to projects within the renewable energy sector. Parios approach is simple; to deliver intelligent, innovative solutions that embrace collaboration.

Based in Ireland? Visit our regional site

In early 2012 Pario opened its Ireland office in the prestigious Merrion Square area of Dublin. This has enabled us to work closely with those involved with our projects meaning we have a much more positive impact in preventing and resolving issues.

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