Managing the market testing of hospital security services

The Project

The Pario commercial team along with its partners analysed the prospective partners and invited a number of companies to tender.  The result was an increase in the service offering at market price.

The Brief

Improvements to the security service by the undertaking of a review of the service level specifications.

The Response

Whilst the Security Service on site was an award-winning service, the Pario team supported the Trust in scoping out improvements that could be made to the Service via undertaking a review of the Service Level Specifications.

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Outcomes & Benefits

The Trusts were very positive about the transparent process that was undertaken by the Pario team over the course of this project, resulting in a number of changes to the specifications with support from Pario and the incumbent Security provider.

Increased Cover

Increased night cover to the Emergency Department.

Additional Personnel

Additional security personnel deployed in the mental health facilities.

Analysis-based Changes

Further changes Implemented as a result of trend analysis of security incidents.

Peace of Mind

Resulting better safeguarding of staff, patients, and visitors.

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