Stepping in to implement business continuity plans

The Project

In January 2018 Carillion Services, the building contractor and Facilities Management (FM) provider went into liquidation. They were the FM provider at two major hospitals that Pario managed on behalf of the investors.

The Response

Pario implemented the emergency business continuity plans to ensure there was no loss of services. Over the following months, the Pario team remained hands-on and acted as the FM provider management, dealing with; the liquidators, government departments, the NHS, lawyers, disgruntled sub-contractors who had not been paid, liaising with lawyers to amend contracts and Paymechs, high-level negotiations with all parties and day-to-day operational issues. The replacement service contractors were eventually appointed permanent service contractors after lengthy negotiations with all stakeholders & new contracts were agreed and in parallel the residual building defects were remediated under Pario management, all these activities took long-term commitment from Pario and all the stakeholders to resolve & conclude.


On the day of Carillion’s collapse, Pario’s Board Directors were at both sites by 09:00, initially to calm Carillion’s employed staff, hospital staff, and sub-contractors, and then to ensure the hospitals remained operational and that staff were paid on time. Pario remained committed to the project for a further two years and remain the MSA provider.

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Challenges & Achievements

The collapse of Carillion demonstrated Pario’s skills, experience, capability and capacity across the entire range of required services over a long period of time, the workload was relentless as were the everchanging demands from each party we dealt with. The result is the hospitals are now better managed, with renewed service contracts, and the project companies have restarted full distributions to investors again.

Smooth transition

Replacement FM service providers have been transitioned with no loss of services


Liquidator negotiations successfully handled and full-term contracts negotiated and agreed with FM providers and project management partners.

Defect & Fire improvement

Project in place with full management.

Energy Management

Large-scale (whole hospital) triparty LED installations, reducing energy usage and giving cost reduction.

Handling of Commercial Issues

Large commercial issues renegotiated and closed out.

Distributions recommenced

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