Director Services

Non Executive Directors play an increasingly important part in today’s corporate governance, providing an independent perceptive, capable of challenging the decisions of the management team.

The role of Non Executive Directors is challenging and seemingly contradictory in nature. For example, whilst they support the Chairman and act as a sounding board, they are also responsible for reviewing his performance. It is why being independent, with an objective view of the company is so vital.

Typically their responsibilities would include:

Pario Bullet Work closely with the chairman, providing a sounding board and support
Pario Bullet Be an intermediary for other directors when required
Pario Bullet Protect the interests of the shareholders in matters where a potential conflict of interest exists such as management pay and company performance audits
Pario Bullet Provide an additional communication channel to resolve any issues or concerns the shareholders or other non-executive directors may have.
Pario Bullet Hold annual meetings with the non-executive team to review the performance of the chairman.
Pario Bullet Attend meetings with major shareholders to ensure they have an understanding of their concerns and issues.

In addition, finding the right Non Executive Director can also bring certain commercial benefits as they can provide Entrepreneurial leadership and networking opportunities for the company.

Pario’s team of Non Executive Directors have the senior management experience, commercial expertise, strong leadership and communications skills necessary to effectively support the chairman whilst safeguarding the needs of the shareholders, other non executive directors and employees. 

Drawing from experience across a range of industries including construction and PFI, a Pario Non Executive Director would be an asset to any business, large or small. If you would like to find out more please contact us.