Construction Management

A significant concern for clients starting a new construction project is how to manage and control risk and keep within budget.

Outsourcing the Construction Management function offers the benefits of an experienced and independent professional leading the project whilst allowing you to actively manage costs and risk throughout the lifecycle of the project.

The Pario Construction Management Team are highly experienced professionals from a range of sectors within the construction industry. They are all technically skilled, effective communicators with strong leadership qualities – all of which are vital to keeping your construction project on schedule, under budget and ensuring the highest quality standards are achieved.

As Construction Managers it is critical that we understand your objectives and concerns so we can accurately represent you and your best interests. With this knowledge we will act as the lead team member working closely with the key stake holders to ensure contractual commitments and project milestones are met.

From the outset our approach is to collaborate with all parties to maintain a harmonious, non-adversarial working environment. This allows decisions to be reach quickly to the benefit of all parties and the project as a whole.

We will manage every element of the project from programme and costs to identifying the best contractors and suppliers and managing onsite resources. During construction we will continually work towards reducing construction costs by assessing alternative materials and design options, without compromising the architectural vision or your requirements.

Our scope of service is flexible and tailored to your needs and the needs of the project. Typically this would include:

Pario Bullet Advice on Construction and Procurement;
Pario Bullet Construction Site Management;
Pario Bullet All Planning and Programming;
Pario Bullet Contractor selection and appointment;
Pario Bullet Implement control procedures for costs, time and quality;
Pario Bullet Legal (contracts and warranties) and commercial advice or negotiation;
Pario Bullet Identify, document and manage risks;
Pario Bullet Quality and Health & Safety management;
Pario Bullet Manage contractor and supplier payments;
Pario Bullet Provide financial and progress reports;
Pario Bullet Organise and chair all appropriate meetings; and
Pario Bullet Manage testing, commissioning and handover procedures.

To find out more about our Construction Management Services and how we can help, please get in touch.